Infrastructure apart, we at Vishesh recognize and value the attitude a noble profession must possess – An attitude of care and  concern. A virtue you will find reflected in the smallest deed at Vishesh, be it a routine procedure by a paramedic or an acute examination by a specialist. Medicines treat diseases, it is the care that heals.


This is the forte of Vishesh Hospital and Diagnostic solutions. It is the attitude of care and concern with professionalism which sets it apart Vishesh Hospital is the place, within the  portals of which you are sure to find solace and healing. Dedicated care has distinguished this hospital as the most advanced health  care facility in central India. The excellent and well maintained infrastructural facilities are just the assurance one needs of the quality medical facilities for their near and dear ones. At Vishesh, it has been our sincere endeavor to provide the best health care facilities under one roof with a sincere, selfless care that is a hallmark of this noble profession.