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Besides providing hi-tech quality diagnosis, Vishesh also offers a wide range of affordable health packages through its Healthcare Management programme. The different health packages introduced by Vishesh are for different categories of people right from senior citizens to children, from housewives to working women, from employees to self employed professionals, from stressed – out individuals to physically healthy ones.

Read. Write, Speak, Walk, Drive Eat. We all tend to take life’s everyday activities for granted. That is, until we are faced with a physically challenging illness, life changing injury or disability. Decisions about family, work or home that once were made without a second thought suddenly seem difficult.

Urban Living in the 21st Century is not the kind of living that our bodies were designed for. The fast pace of life, stress, sedentary life style, travel, irregular eating habits and toxic pollutants in air, all make a negative impact and make our body to wear out at an alarming rate.

Almost every major ailment first manifests itself as minor symptoms, which are often not noticed and hence neglected.

It is a fact that stresses and hardships of modern living are rendering our body susceptible to various health hazards and diseases. The curse of developing society affects the people at an early age and that is obvious from the increasing incidence of heart diseases and cancer in relatively younger population. Ironically, such deadly diseases come to notice a little too late usually after manifesting their ill effects.

Rapid industrialization and modernization is the demand of today’s world and we are no exception. Development is the need of hour; no compromise can be made on the grounds of health hazards. But, certainly measures can be taken to recognize, diagnose, prevent or treat such hazards and diseases at their infancy and at a curable stage.

Regular total body checkup is the only reliable way to screen all vital systems to either diagnose the diseases in their infancy and treat them early or assess the vulnerability and susceptibility of the body to save it from attacks of various diseases. Also a normal comprehensive health checkup evaluation certainly boosts up your self-confidence.

VISHESH HEALTH CHECKUP SCHEME is the most effective way of screening an apparently healthy looking individual to ascertain his disease-free, healthy survival. VISHESH HEALTH CHECKS are a set of comprehensive and reliable, preventive healthcare packages designed keeping in mind the varied requirements of individuals.

While undergoing the health checks, our executive ensures that you are comfortable and well taken care of. This coupled with nice ambience and our smooth, swift and systematic procedures will surely make your experience a pleasant one.

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